Since we take ourselves seriously enough not to take ourselves seriously, here are some real estate goodies that made our day. OK, so we fished some of them from the Internet and some we knew from our grandmothers, but still, we though you should be well informed when buying a home:

It is said that:


You must bring your cat along when choosing a home: it can detect negative energy and ghosts, so if your cat runs, you just take its lead!


if you spring some salt on the threshold of your new home, then it will be protected from evil.


It brings GOOD luck to place a coin under the floor of a newly built home (ok, we can do that for you because we deliver turn- key apartments). Also, in the Philippines, they say that if you scatter coins around the living room of a new home you invite financial prosperity.


In China they say that having an eight in the listing or rental price is a sign of good luck and prosperity. So if number 8 comes up in your buying price, you’re one lucky fellow!


If black ants frequent your home you’ll come into wealth. In this case I think you might have one or two claims against us for bad isolation, but maybe you should think twice before you do that.

Never, ever do this:

Lock yourself outside

Move from an upper to a lower floor in the same building

Move into a new house on a Friday, on a Saturday or on a rainy day. The most recommended day is Thursday.

Bring your old broom from your old house (because it will bring disorder and misfortune)

Make your bed on a Sunday

Receive as a present for moving into your new home, a knife. It is said that it will simply cut through your friendship with the person who gave it to you.

Just give it back, and if your friend won’t take it, then give him a coin in return. It will make the threat disappear.

Put a mirror in front of the entrance door: it is said that it reflects the positive energy and prevents it from entering your home.

Leave your bedroom windows open on November 1st – it can bring bad luck, as the souls of the dead roam free that day (at least that’s what they say in Spain)

Sweep your home at night because you’ll brush away good fortune. (West Africa)

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